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Welcome to Learning Photography

Welcome to Learning Photography. This website is designed for beginner, amateur photographers.  We will go through steps and lessons to help you improve your skills and to take better photographs.


Shooting in the Raw

As you become more familiar and comfortable setting up your shots with the proper exposure and composition, the images are going to start to accumulate on your memory card and your computer.  The next step in your process of Learning Photography is called “Post-Production”. Before we get to post-production, there is one thing that should…

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Beginner Camera Types

So you’ve decided to take up photography as a hobby and the first thing that you need, obviously, is a camera.  But what type of camera?  There are so many different classes of cameras available in so many price ranges. Let’s  go over some of the different “basic beginner” cameras that are available and the…

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The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the hour before sunset and after sunrise. Lighting is generally ideal for photography during these times

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